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Play Equipment.

Play Equipment

The facilities provided for children’s play at Silver Glades take the form of traditional indoor and outdoor games.  The grounds provide plenty of room for children (of all ages) to play outside and engage in physical activity.

??????????????????????The site is particularly suitable for children up to the age of 12 and a range of free play equipment and facilities are provided for younger guests.  Although the facilities are aimed at Under-12’s, many children still insist on returning to the site as they get older and are able to explore the areas around the Park.

If digital games are preferred, guests are welcome to bring their own consoles to use with the caravan televisions.  These have appropriate connecting sockets but please remember to bring all necessary power and connecting leads. 

The large garden area is safe for children to play in and it can be seen from the caravans and picnic tables.  Older or more adventurous children are also welcome to play in the woods, provided their carers give permission.  However, the woodland area is wilder, out of view from the caravans and predominantly managed to encourage wildlife.

??????????????????????In the garden there are areas for various activities.  You will find a playground with swings, a climbing frame and a slide for use by children up to the age of twelve (under the supervision of their carers).  There are also areas allocated for garden badminton/short tennis, swing ball, rounders/cricket and football. 

There is an outdoor table tennis table at the edge of the woods.  Just into the woods is a living dome that children sometimes use as a camp.  Guests are welcome to bring their own toys/games to use in the grounds.  There is plenty of space for younger children to ride their cycles or scooters.

The play equipment is kept in a summer house located at the bottom of the garden.  This is a space for children to retire to and it houses the various bats, racquets, balls and games used outside, as well as books, indoor games and wildlife information.  Children are encouraged to play sensibly and put things away after use.  The summer house is also a good place from which to view the wildlife in the woods.

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