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About The Park.

About The Park

Family Caravan ParkSilver Glades’ special location and traditional approach to holidays provides access to a world which has largely been lost and which is much appreciated by those who rediscover it:  From individuals seeking solitude to families wanting to spend time together, the relaxed and welcoming ambience of Silver Glades fits the bill and adds that little bit extra to the holiday experience.

The Park has successfully operated independently for over 50 years, without the aid of commercial trappings such as massed ranks of caravans, club houses, arcade games etc.  Instead, Silver Glades focuses on providing good value for money holidays in a beautiful environment.  The price of a holiday at Silver Glades is as stated on the tariff and there are no hidden costs; all extras are provided for guests’ enjoyment.  All that is asked is that the site and equipment are respected, so that others may also benefit from its use.

pet friendly caravanAccommodation in the Park is modified to minimise environmental impact as far as possible and the site uses sustainable practices wherever practicable.  The grounds are managed to provide a diverse and sustainable environment which supports native species.  Facilities are provided to help guests be involved in recycling activities and to appreciate the wildlife.  The degree of involvement, however, is left to the individual’s discretion.

New guests frequently say that Silver Glades is truly unique and that the website does not do it justice. They feel that it’s more beautiful, natural and spacious than suggested. This is not really surprising as text and pictures do not equal reality; the only way to truly appreciate the sound of bird song or trees rustling, or sitting quietly and watching butterflies, red squirrels or any of the other creatures which visit the Park, is to experience it!  Don’t take our word for it, though, if you are on the Island, feel free to come and see for yourself!

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