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?????????????????????The caravans at Silver Glades are arranged around the edge of the garden area.  This provides each unit with an attractive view of the grounds and makes it easy to keep an eye on children when they are playing outside.

The car park is off to the right of this picture and the site extends into the woodland at the top of the photograph. 

The caravans are numbered from 1 to 10 with No. 1 being closest to the car park.
Caravans 1 to 3 have three bedrooms with five beds.  Caravans 4 to 6 have two bedrooms with four beds.  Caravans 7 to 10 have three bedrooms with six beds.

The walk from the car park to Caravan 10 is the longest at a distance of just under 100m.  Easy access is provided to all caravans by level concrete paths and trolleys are provided for luggage.  However, if mobility is a problem please request a caravan close to the car park as there is no vehicular access to the garden. 

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