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Silver Glades has been awarded a Quality in Tourism 4 star rating from Visit Britain, a Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award, a Green Island Gold Award and been selected as Green Island Holiday Park of the Year. This page contains some comments made by guests and assessors:

Comments from our 2011 Visitors’ Book:

Family Caravan Park‘By far and away the best family holiday we’ve ever had.  A wonderful caravan park – peaceful, perfect!  Thank you! Phoebe

‘Great break, as always.’  Dave & Jo.

‘Fantastic holiday! Lovely for children and adults alike!  We would recommend this site! 5*! Thanks.  See you soon.  Claire & Steve’

‘Wonderful holiday.  Fantastic site – the kids had a brilliant time as did we.  Hope to see you again next year.  Thanks.  Kirsty & Len’

 ‘Amazing site – made our holiday.  We’ll be back next year for definite.  Many thanks, Helen & Barry.’

 ‘Thanks for a lovely week.  Fantastic site.  Would recommend and have to anyone.  Ann’

Comments from some of our younger guests:

‘Silver Glades is awesome!!’ (accompanied by drawing smiley face)

‘Wow!  I’m so enjoying myself – loving the site and Banjo the dog (SO GORGEOUS) …such a friendly place.  Stella’

Isle of wight caravanYasmin’s school work on her favourite place:

‘In the Isle of Wight Caravan Site as soon as you drive through the entrance there is a car park.  Then as you come in there are 10 caravans and a playground.  Also there is a table tennis court, a wood, a summer house and a house where the person who owns the caravan site lives.It is my favourite place because my family go there every two years.  Also, we always meet children and make friends with them, they are really nice.  As soon as I get out of my car I always run to the playground before everyone else!I think it should be made even better if there was more caravans, so more people could stay there.  Also a bigger playground.  But I don’t mind if they change it because I’ll love it even more.’
Silver Glades Caravan ParkQuality in Tourism Assessor – ‘Silver Glades offers a most tranquil and peaceful environment in a very beautiful location with the owners very much encapturing the atmosphere of the area and developing the nature to retain and enhance all of the natural aspects … Compliments upon the work done to date’

David Bellamy Conservation Award – ‘Considering how much you have achieved it is difficult to pick out the highlight of your work, but I am particularly pleased that you take every opportunity to maximise the biodiversity of your park.  I also like the idea of your leaflets of circular walks – including directions to the pub – I am sure that these must be very useful to your guests…’

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